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Come visit our showroom located in Menomonee Falls at N59W14053 Bobolink Avenue, inside the Big Systems building.

We specialize in sales, service and supplies for the HP Designjet printer series.

We charge $75 per hour for travel time to and from your location with a one hour minimum. We charge $150 per hour for on-site support with a one hour minimum, plus parts. Ask about our subcontractor program.

We have been working with HP Designjet printers since 1994. If you have a printer problem, we can usually get it resolved within one business day since we stock most common parts such as carriage belts, service stations, trailing cables, inks, printheads, and ink tubes.

Marty Christensen is our main service technician. He has been successfully repairing HP Designjet plotters for many years.

Whether you have a Technical or Graphics printer -- we can service your HP equipment.

We also sell new HP Designjet Printers. Ask us about pricing.

Expert Trouble Shooter

One of the most common problems with HP Designjet printers is the wearing out of the carriage belt. We stock most belts and can replace yours within one business day.

The trailing cable which is the flat wire that connects the carriage to the mainboard is the second most common issue. We keep a good supply of these as well and can replace it for you within one business day.

The service station can also be a common problem. If you see a 21:10 error code this means the service station is bad. This is the printhead cleaner and it gets dirty and full of ink debris often.

Another common error code is 79:04. This means either the firmware is out-of-date or the printheads are expired. We can update your firmware and/or replace your printheads.

If your machine is less than 5 years old it usually makes sense to repair rather than replace your machine.

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